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The two types of knowledge

There are two ways of assimilating knowledge: the first one make us fatter and the second one make us leaner, the first one separates us and the second one brings us closer. There are people that even if they have traveled and studied they have grown only their pride and their arrogance, the knowledge that they acquired fills their brain and they think that the information add pounds to their weight. Truly, knowledge has no weight and isn't measurable. This type of assimilation separates them from the ignorant and the common man, they think they have nothing to share and they move away. The more they know and the more they judge and select...

Un angolo di Eindhoven


Per evitare di spendere soldi in un hotel ho aspettato fuori l'aeroporto di Eindhoven. Durante la notte l'aeroporto è chiuso e riapre soltanto alle 4.30 del mattino. Oltretutto fuori faceva un gran freddo, ma non ero solo. Abbiamo deciso di fare una passeggiata intorno all'area circostante e ho visto questo pittoresco angolo che ho catturato con la mia Olympus OMD EM-10 MKII. Il ritratto oltre la finestra è una foto di: Jimmy Nelson


Beauty is more important


Most of the people usually focus to try to be happy and never sad. Seek happiness can be stressful and worsen a confusing situation. But from my humble point of view happiness It may not be the last level of success. There is something else that is a step above emotions and this is the so called "beauty". Beauty is often neutral, and it can exists in both sadness and happiness. It is in every drama and in every comedy, is in the darkness and shadows as well as in the light of a momentary happiness. We all enjoyed at least once in life the bea...

When taking a picture is like going through another reality


I spent one month in Belgium (exactly in Liege) working during the week and living the local life in the weekend or after my full time occupation. Since what I'm interested in are the most silent and far locations of a city I decided to spend one day in the outskirts of Liege, taking some pictures where the slowness and the grey sky are great for a kind of mystical trip. 

That's what really happened. I was walking along a road on a hill when I noticed a blonde and old woman coming out from a short gate and leaving maybe her house, imm...

Modestia e conoscenza: lo Zurkhaneh d’Iran (ورزش پهلوانی‎‎)


« Impara la modestia se vuoi la conoscenza: un altopiano non potrà mai essere irrigato da un fiume »

Parole che anticipano l’ingresso nel ring dei combattenti (pahlavan) dello Zurkhaneh, un ring a forma di pozzo ottagonale che va dai dieci ai venti metri di circoferenza, uno sport non violento il cui ultimo fine è la lotta contro se stessi, la resistenza, perchè non c’è avversario più insistente del nostro stesso io. Ammetto di essere entrato nella sala aspettandomi la rissa e invece, poco dopo, il mio accompagnatore mi conferm...

Travelling alone to improve the society


I often heard a lot of people wonder why someone loves to travel alone, and despite the responses still could not understand why. Surely everyone will have its logical reasons but here i would like to tell you which in my opinion are the most interesting and noble reasons. First i would like to break down the prejudice that to travel is just tourism and relax, cause usually the people who think this way are the ones who ask also the question: “why do you travel alone??”. A lone traveler can be a man on a mission, or a man looking for work, or sim...

Iran, August 2016, like a ball in a pinball machine


I spent 10 days in Iran and I had the opportunity to learn about a culture from which to learn a lot. It’s never just a physical journey but also an inner and emotional journey, especially starting from the north to the south. The people are friendly and curious, intelligent and emotional, strongly linked to its history and its strong roots. Persian culture is rich in engineering and art, a country where water is present in every corner as fountains or artificial rivers along the way. From here comes for the first time the name of “paradise” as a synonym for ...

Un reminder utile prima di un contratto d'affitto

Prima di affittare un’abitazione è sempre consigliabile tenere a mente qualche dettaglio di cui vorremmo sapere con anticipo. Per esperienza prima ancora di scrivere questa lista posso assicurare che ho sempre finito per tralasciare qualcosa che avrei invece voluto valutare. Se volete evitare brutte sorprese potrebbe tornare utile una lista come questa. Ovviamente non tutto quello che ho riportato è davvero importante, ma potrebbe far...

A curiosity about persian carpets made "in" Afghanistan

When i was in Yazd (Iran) i met an awesome guy who told me a lot of stuff about the attributes of the persian carpets. Apart from their extreme beauty the persian carpets have had a long history and their value was broadcast in the West from the ancient bourgeoisie. A curiosity that struck me was the fact that some of these important carpets are sewn by nomadic peoples of Iran and Afghanistan. These carpets are then sold to merchants that considerably increases the price. The price also continues to increase proportionally to the time. Its interesting to know that in the past the carpet performs a function very similar to that of a bank be...

Meanwhile your smartphone leads to war and poverty

We’re all good and human when it comes to share the photo of an African child dying. But no one cares anymore when it comes the time for shopping. Perhaps for negligence or arrogance and individualism. Yet the money you invest in your favorite devices are part of the funding of violence. And the more time you will use your device the more you will see photos of the african blood. The more you will use the famous “sad emoticon” and the more you’ll become pathetic and assassin. If you really want to stop participating in the genocide, you can always stop or restrict the purchase of these goods. Or maybe it’s more interesting to sho...

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