Very often the word “leader” makes people fall in a mystic land were laziness and superiority are the most important values of a human being. By the mind of this strange kind of people, a leader has the magic right to invent some rules and make them respectable, even without any special reason or with a reason difficult to explain (<- that’s the baddest!). By an inexact point of view the leader is placed a step above the team, when in truth it is simply placed in front of and on the same “action line”.

By the way, i would like to write something about the role simply cause i believe that the position in question is a  noble way to make people feel at ease and satisfied between themselves, generating harmony and youth in a workplace and in life in general. But i want to answer a question first: do we need a leader? Maybe not, but the workplace need it. This one should owe, for first, the capacity to handle and teach his own personality. For this reason, humility is one of the main doors to the open minded vision. A leader should be ready to question everything before making a decision. A leader should be an harmonious moderator.


1. Be honest 

People usually thinks that nowadays its difficult to find a honest and simple person. This is why usually most of the people decide to switch his attitude to fit the current tricky lifestyle. At the same time deep in our heart is still the desire to meet an honest person who can wake up our good intentions. That person can be a revelation and here it’s where all begins.

Honesty for other reasons its the perfect source of fidelity and friendship relations. Honesty with yourself for first it’s the best way to deliver your personality to other people. Honesty with your own mind means “coherence”, cause it’s enough difficult to join hundreds of lies to make a personality compared to the simplicity of following your real natural flow of thoughts. The others must trust you, don’t be afraid if you know all your limits, a liar may try to hide them, but a honest person, and a leader more than any body else has the duty to prove that limits and fears belongs to everyone. A leader must exactly show that everyone can be a leader and that errors are natural.

Honesty is, on the other hand, a source of credibility. If you are trying to join lies.. please remember that everyone has enough emotional intelligence to understand that something is wrong or inconsistent. Everyone!

One lie can destroy all your truth.

A leader must exactly show that everyone can be a leader

2. Create interest in what you are talking about

Creating interest in each argument is the perfect way to wake up the enthusiasm of doing something useful for the team. Usually, a good leader has the innate capacity of seeing the interesting part of each thing and sharing it with each other. A leader has the mental capacity to see the great part of something apparently boring. But, please, never brag of your discovery, even the most excellent observation next time could be a boring experience for everyone. Instead be happy to share and don’t forget to say, some time and when possible, that you have found that detail just because you were together talking about it. So, be glad also to the silent one.


3. Don’t throw your troubles on someone else’s neck

A person who use to throw personal troubles on someone else’s neck its dangerous for the entire group. A leader must teach the self-control, not how to explode!


4. Show that you love to help

No one is a hero, no one can know everything, no one is able to use his head every day with the same intensity. So, explain the importance of asking for help, and the importance of providing a solution without burdening. Burdening can be a sign of stupidity helped by a stroke of luck.


5.Don’t speak ill of anyone with anyone of the team

If you are speaking ill of someone of my own team, you may very well speak ill of me too!“, so, please, save your oxygen to speak about the good attributes of people, instead of their defects. We are trying to bring out the best, and its at the “best” that we have to look! For some people this is a natural attitude, usually to the people who saves hope and optimism with intelligence. People who speaks often about defects…. ummm, please, let’s speak about something else please!


6. Empaty and active listening 

If you are a leader you can say what you want but you have not the right to say that the words of someone else are useless. You are human like your interlocutor, you have a total vision but he has his own detailed vision on a single part, and another mind too. Cultural differences, differences of thought or personality for a leader are a treasure. You’re not a superhuman, you’re just the one who choose to have the patience to help and listen to each one worries and ideas. Then, you must be able to listen because only this way you can be updated on your progress as leader. Be human.


7. Inspire the sense of the “game” and the will to join the mission

Don’t take life so seriously man! Everywhere there is always an opportunity to play, and the importance of the game has no limits. When a child “play” with a scientific kit he use in his mind to feel himself as a scientist, by this way the child simplifies the learning process and takes an active part in the situation. So, inspiring the game, through the imagination, it is an excellent way to lighten the load of the mission. I would like to explain more about this. Maybe next time.


8. Last but not least… 

  • Respect always your rules
  • Study and know well your arguments
  • A little bit of general culture does not hurt, sometimes a far-reaching metaphor makes a better idea

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