I spent one month in Belgium (exactly in Liege) working during the week and living the local life in the weekend or after my full time occupation. Since what I'm interested in are the most silent and far locations of a city I decided to spend one day in the outskirts of Liege, taking some pictures where the slowness and the grey sky are great for a kind of mystical trip. 

That's what really happened. I was walking along a road on a hill when I noticed a blonde and old woman coming out from a short gate and leaving maybe her house, immersed in a light winter fog. She was wearing particular colors, a lilac jacket and a red shorts, bringing a closed umbrella because she predicted the rain. She was in front of me but the background wasn't good to capture her, this is why I decided to cross the road and pass her to find the appropriate background where to wait for her.

Here is where the magic happens. The background was a long typical house made of orange bricks, I stopped there and I waited until she crossed the house. Then, when she was perfectly aligned with the window, suddenly the light of the window lights up and the woman stopped to observe it. I did not lose time and I started to shot different moments of that image, feeling like reality was obeying to my intimacy.

The woman remained there for a few seconds and then she started walking in solitude, as I continued to look at her.