Most of the people usually focus to try to be happy and never sad. Seek happiness can be stressful and worsen a confusing situation. But from my humble point of view happiness It may not be the last level of success. There is something else that is a step above emotions and this is the so called "beauty". Beauty is often neutral, and it can exists in both sadness and happiness. It is in every drama and in every comedy, is in the darkness and shadows as well as in the light of a momentary happiness. We all enjoyed at least once in life the beauty of a tragedy at the cinema, or experienced a mystical feeling of spiritual freedom in the face of an important artwork. Sentimentality is of little use to our success. We must always look at the beauty of the solution as well as the beauty in the intricate mechanisms of a problem. Cause beauty is always everywhere and it's pretty much simple to find in every situation.