There are two ways of assimilating knowledge: the first one make us fatter and the second one make us leaner, the first one separates us and the second one brings us closer. There are people that even if they have traveled and studied they have grown only their pride and their arrogance, the knowledge that they acquired fills their brain and they think that the information add pounds to their weight. Truly, knowledge has no weight and isn't measurable. This type of assimilation separates them from the ignorant and the common man, they think they have nothing to share and they move away. The more they know and the more they judge and select. This kind of assimilation produces poison and the concept of "first" and "last". This type of assimilation has its beginning in the scholastic institution where the highest grade is the better man. This type of knowledge produces fat.

The second way of assimilating knowledge guides us to the suspension and humility, having understood that the only valid knowledge is that everything provides knowledge. This type of assimilation makes us lose weight, because the more we know and the more we understand the inability to reach a conclusion. It is like a body that empties believing that the space will be not enough. This feeling bring us closer. The more you know and the more you feel little, feeling the smallness of your pathetic world closed in a black glass bottle. This type of knowledge has its beginning in the spiritual education and it reduces the weight of the organs. There is nothing to be proud of.