I often heard a lot of people wonder why someone loves to travel alone, and despite the responses still could not understand why. Surely everyone will have its logical reasons but here i would like to tell you which in my opinion are the most interesting and noble reasons. First i would like to break down the prejudice that to travel is just tourism and relax, cause usually the people who think this way are the ones who ask also the question: “why do you travel alone??”. A lone traveler can be a man on a mission, or a man looking for work, or simply an experimenter of itself, and I want to focus precisely on the last one.

I started travelling alone during my first business trip to Tunis, a journey that has given me the opportunity to challenge my ability to adapt and to know my potential, since the position in which I found myself was that of team leader in a local office which i still have in my heart. That office, today, sounds to me more like a “love house” than a cold IT office, because my relationship with others was very sweet and interesting.

Anyway this wasn’t my only trip. After 4 months in Tunis i tried to repeat the experience and then I decided to fly to Norway and Iceland, the exact opposite of where I was before. And also if I did not have the opportunity to join more the community as I did in Tunisia, my inclination to reflection was consolidated and ready to explain to myself some of the reasons why to travel alone is always a good idea. Here I will try to summarize some points that I think deserve attention. My answer to the question, “why to travel alone” is this one: to improve the society by means of the following points.


1. To regain trust in people

We all live in a society where the trust in others is constantly gnawed by the rats of our fears and our disappointments. We are brought up with the idea that the neighbor is a potential danger, and that we should pay attention to anyone. But when you travel alone you do not have anyone to turn to for help or information, you are obliged to trust strangers. Doing this way, personally, i learned that the 95% of strangers are just persons like you, most of them are good and human. This fact can help a loner to increase his optimism and to regain all the trust that we need to establish a connection with others.


2. To be mentally independent and free forever

I think nowadays more then before we are much more dependent on someone else. If I want to eat an ice-cream but you can’t come with me at the coffee, why should I not go? Instead I’ll go the same, but alone. In this way we can dismantle the dependence of our choices from someone else’s decisions. Slowly we will make it a habit and will become normal. We will find the potential of this way of doing in many cases in our lives, from the most simple to the most important. We have an extra power! How many things I would not have learned if I had decided not to act alone!

In summary you’ll be able to boost your critical ability, a potential that today is really very important in order to prevent an unwanted brainwashing.


3. To observe yourself

When you travel alone the only responsible of your actions is you. You are forced to forget about laziness, every time you plan something you have to put an eye upon you, like a God’s eye, to understand and critic as much as you can the results of your actions or words. Time by time you will increase your self-awarness and you will learn more about you, about your errors and about your capacity of being able to critic yourself. You’ll find an “humble pride” of yourself. Last but not the least, if you meet a group of people they are just talking to you, you are completely naked, without any kind of liar support. All their words are for you, all their smiles are for you. When you are completely alone you have also the chance to interrogate just you, and to increase the potentials of your internal dialogue. You would get a good deal of tolerance for defects of the people. It means also more harmony and patience.

4. To join the community

To join the community of a place is more simple when you are travelling alone, first because your need of speaking with someone will always be at the doors of your brain, and people usually are intrigued by a lone traveler, and a lone traveler may offer to the people the wisdom of his studies on himself. Usually they have some wisdom to share. Furthermore those who want to invite you know that a person is always more manageable than two or more.

When you get home you will feel the desire to thank the hospitality of those people far away, and you will try to do the same with your neighbors and friends.


5. You will learn the importance of the “essential”

When traveling you have to be comfortable and light. You will learn to understand what are the things really useful and which ones are not. Maybe you begin to understand that even a word or a small gift or a gesture is more important than many other things that we are used to enhance. This is something that you can figure out trip after trip. Your luggage will always be smaller.


6. The experience is more dramatic and strong

When you travel alone you put more attention to everything, it is an automatic mechanism of your brain. It means that every situation acquires more intensity because you are taking care of each detail. An empty hallway of an airport is more poetic when you are alone because you are less distracted from yourself. Your feelings are the result of the union between the scene and just yourself, it means that those feelings are not filtered. Personally, when I reach a situation and then leave the place I feel myself like inside a bubble of time and space that fades away continuously. You will learn to appreciate the details of life, and perhaps to look at things through the eyes of a poet.


7. You can appreciate more your roots

Staying away from your home and listening to the pros and cons of the places you visit will help you wipe the vision that you have of your home. You can figure out what’s missing in your country and what it possess.