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Meditare sul presente anticipandone il suo ricordo

Durante la mia vita universitaria ho avuto la fortuna di spendere due anni in un silenzioso seminterrato che non aveva finestre. La casa era continuamente illuminata da luci artificiali e la luce del sole riusciva a raggiungere l’interno soltanto attraverso un piccolo pozzo luce in prossimità della cucina. Non so […]

Congo cobalto
Life and thoughts

Meanwhile your smartphone leads to wars and poverty

We’re all good and human when it comes to share the photo of an African child dying. But no one cares anymore when it comes the time for shopping. Perhaps for negligence or arrogance and individualism. Yet the money you invest in your favorite devices are part of the funding of violence. […]

Afghan drones carpet
Tips e cultura

A curiosity about persian carpets made “in” Afghanistan

Cover image: Kevin Sudeith/ When i was in Yazd (Iran) i met an awesome guy who told me a lot of stuff about the attributes of the persian carpets. Apart from their extreme beauty the persian carpets have had a long history and their value was broadcast in the West from the ancient bourgeoisie. A […]


“Cheers mate”, the bartender robot

“No one is irreplaceable and no machine ever completely replace a person. If you want to conquer excellence, the machine must bind to the human heart. “ From an idea of two friends Leonardo Stamati  (23 years old, mechanical engineer) and Dante Cruz Velasquez (30 years old, industrial engineer) it is […]

Affittare, suggerimenti

Una lista utile prima di un contratto d’affitto

Prima di affittare un’abitazione è sempre consigliabile tenere a mente qualche dettaglio di cui vorremmo sapere con anticipo. Per esperienza prima ancora di scrivere questa lista posso assicurare che ho sempre finito per tralasciare qualcosa che avrei invece voluto valutare. Se volete evitare brutte sorprese potrebbe tornare utile una lista come […]

Life and thoughts, Travelling

Travelling alone to improve the society

ph. “Man looks over the river” – Dusseldorf I often heard a lot of people wonder why someone loves to travel alone, and despite the responses still could not understand why. Surely everyone will have its logical reasons but here i would like to tell you which in my opinion are the most interesting and noble […]

Business man - Luxemburg, Edoardo Casella

Two days in Luxemburg

I travelled in Luxemburg for the first time during 2 cloudy days in July, rented an hotel room for just one night. I did not take so much time to visit the center of the capital as it was really small and well concentrated. I was travelling alone but then […]

Rocks, Américo Dias
Life and thoughts

Running on the rocks

ph. “rocks” by Américo Dias — No, its not a new kind of sport but anyway it is a good exercise to improve your ability in making decisions. As many other guys of my age I sometimes found myself running on the rocks, for example while trying to reach the sea walking […]