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Gestapo's prison, Edoardo Casella
Life and thoughts

Beauty is more important than sadness and happiness

Why we like a dramatic scene but we hate it when we are the protagonist? Maybe we should think about it. Bogart is crying and is drunk but you say: woooow! What a beautiful story! Someone at the theatre is dying and you say: What a beautiful play! A painful painting […]


The noble work of the team leader

Very often the word “leader” makes people fall in a mystic land were laziness and superiority are the most important values of a human being. By the mind of this strange kind of people, a leader has the magic right to invent some rules and make them respectable, even without […]

Grandmother with memory
Life and thoughts

When i was a child

When i was a child i used to hide in the corners of my house. One day my mother found me behind the curtain of our lounge, she saw me crying alone. And then asked me: “What are you doing? Why are you crying?” I was holding one of those sheets […]

wsi group, Edoardo Casella
Travelling, Work

Tunisi – WSI, an inexpressible job travel

  (November 2014, February, March, April 2015) Tunisi at WSI. A work trip turned into a huge, intense and completely unique emotional journey. Miss you all everyday. I thank my company (Alcos Digital, Milano) for giving me this great opportunity and all the PEOPLE that i met there. Thank you for confirming my positive […]