“Cheers mate”, the bartender robot

“No one is irreplaceable and no machine ever completely replace a person. If you want to conquer excellence, the machine must bind to the human heart. “

From an idea of two friends Leonardo Stamati  (23 years old, mechanical engineer) and Dante Cruz Velasquez (30 years old, industrial engineer) it is born “Cheers mate“, the bartender robot. The machine is capable of using up to 10 bottles and mix the ingredients to produce cocktails of good quality. The idea was born to avoid the long lines that are created at the bar during the evenings between students and in order to help the barman during the peak hours: “why do not we create a machine that is capable of supporting the barman to mix quickly and dose in the right way all the necessary ingredients?” It could also become a useful appliance to aperitif enthusiasts. The project was initially called “Essenza” but it was renamed as “Cheers Mate“.

The prototype will be exposed during the famous meeting “Farete”  hosted in Bologna the 5 and 6 of September 2016 from the pavilions 15 to 18

The two founders then start their startup called Nextis4us

“Currently the Next 4Us Project is benefiting from the acceleration path offered by ASTER @ Le Serre Gardens and is competing in StartCup Emilia Romagna in 2016.” source:

Screenshot from 2016-08-30 17:29:13


The prototype and tech

The first picture of the bartender prototype, technologies: Arduino, C programming language, 3D printer



To know more -> Essenza on

Official website ->



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