Record your streaming audio

Pelvis recorder allows you to record the streaming audio directly from your sound card output

Save it as MP3

Save songs by customizing the final quality

Sort tracks

If you are recording from Spotify it stores the music dividing by artist


Record from Spotify® your favourites tracks

Pelvis can figure out how to deal with Spotify allowing you to store the music you listen to

Download videos from Youtube®

Coming soon....

Record all the other streaming audio

Record the output of your sound card in any situation. This can be a problem :)

...then listen

Set the quality and the appropriate parameters and listen to the songs you've recorded in wav or mp3 format

Some more information

A little presentation

Last update: 2014-10

Pelvis recorder has nothing complicated or non-intuitive. At the time does not need to be installed and to start you just run the exe after unpacking the archive, so you just have to select the application in which you can specialize Pelvis (actually Spotify®). Set the quality you want and start recording by pressing the button next to the logo. You can choose to record on a single track or divide tracks automatically from Spotify® when a song ends.
Pelvis stores the tracks in the folder My Documents / PelvisRecordings

Instructions (or suggestions?)

Pelvis as Spotify® recorder:
Launch first Spotify and then PelvisRecorder. Pelvis will notify you that Spotify has been found (on the top right of the window) and the radio button for combining Pelvis and Spotify will be active. You can start recording. Pelvis will record all the audio tracks and will skip the pauses between them. When the audio tracks changes, Pelvis will start recording in a new file renaming based on artist name and song title.

Known bugs or deficiencies

Pelvis can be incompatible with your sound card. However, not all machines allow an optimal configuration. (Remember to try the wav format)

WIN7/WIN8 suggestion: if the recorded song is distorted or unnatural update the sound card driver and use the original ones by replacing the universal ones of Windows. Thanks to Leonardo Stamati.

Thanks to

Last update: 2014-10

Pelvis uses and will continue to take advantage of the wonderful API provided by Last FM® to offer information about artists and songs. At the time the service is used to a minimum and allows you to enrich the interface of the software when you're recording from Spotify®, so thanks to LastFM®.
Thanks to all the friends and colleagues that help Pelvis in some way, thanks to the artist Gabriele Ionfrida for his fantastic brand & artwork and Giancarlo Baffa for translations. Thanks to Michele for his support and Leonardo Stamati for his obstinacy in solving the problems of compatibility, Francesco Corchia and Davide Pagliara for having contributed to test the application. Thanks to the music for turning sadness into beauty.