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Localized meta tags with SvelteKit SSR

Information technology Svelte SvelteKit
Posted Thu Nov 25 2021

I had to deal with an interesting problem with SvelteKit, trying to get meta tags translated for my server side rendered pages with localized dynamic contents. Fortunately, I have found one simple sol...

Duedo - my first 2D game engine

Information technology
Posted Mon Nov 15 2021

I had started this project 5 years ago, but among many commitments I did not find the time and concentration necessary to be able to complete it. Today, a fortuitous business case, has given me the op...

The pros on working on bad code

Information technology
Posted Thu Jul 01 2021

Who among you has never worked on some confused, muddled code that is difficult to manage except through long hours of understanding and research? Precisely in this there are some considerations that ...

Why I started an IT company in Armenia

Information technology Travel Business
Posted Wed Jun 30 2021

During infamous 2020 a fortuitous case leads me to open a company in Armenia. Choice that turned out to be actually very interesting. If you work online, this would be a great choice, and I'll tell yo...

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