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Pelvis recorder

Pelvis recorder is a Spotify ripper which stores the songs you listen to on Spotify and collects them sorted by artist and title. It was written in C # and currently only works from Windows 7 onwards.

Pelvis recorder has nothing complicated or non-intuitive. At the time does not need to be installed and to start you just run the exe after unpacking the archive, so you just have to select the application in which you can specialize Pelvis (actually Spotify®). Set the quality you want and start recording by pressing the button next to the logo. You can choose to record on a single track or divide tracks automatically from Spotify® when a song ends. Pelvis stores the tracks in the folder My Documents / PelvisRecordings

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Known bugs or issues

Pelvis can be incompatible with your sound card. However, not all machines allow an optimal configuration. (Remember to try the wav format)

WIN7/WIN8 suggestion: if the recorded song is distorted or unnatural update the sound card driver and use the original ones by replacing the universal ones of Windows. Thanks to Leonardo Stamati.

Fixed bugs

FIXED: It has been reported to be incompatible with the version of Spotify running on Windows 7 x64. Thanks to K.

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