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Who are my customers

Who are my clients? What kind of projects have I developed? What are the projects I'm most proud of?

Since I started working as a freelance I have been lucky enough to have to deal with extraordinary clients who have always given me the opportunity to grow and work on interesting topics, with interesting technologies, with interesting and very useful purposes. One of them was Sinapto (Milan).

Right from the start I used Angular to develop an application for nutrition professionals: Sifa dieta, which has become the software used within the University "La Sapienza" of Rome and the favorite software of the italian register of nutritionists. I remember that when I was contacted by the client I was in the middle of a trip to Andalusia, enjoying the sun from a table in the streets of Granada eating churros. The client seemed to urgently need a developer who could handle this job. It immediately seemed very interesting to me, and I accepted without even thinking about it. I knew it would be difficult to develop such complex software while on the road, but I succeeded. I went to a cafe in the Arab quarter and, smoking a narguilé, wrote the first price/time estimate.

The second project, again for Sinapto, was another PWA for the creation of market surveys (Sicche), with multiple users and double interfaces: mobile and desktop. This was possibly the biggest project I worked on by far, and where I really gave it my all, applying solutions I had learned here and there. In this case, I was named Frontend Development Technical Leader. It was a unique experience. The software allows you to create and manage market surveys with a plethora of useful tools, based on the creation of surveys. For this project I have been working using Angular 8.

A third interesting project was the one developed for Highway (Milan). It was a software for the management of tailored garments. It was not as complex as the others, but some steps required a particularly difficult study of the algorithms to be used. Again I have been using Angular.

I also had the opportunity to work with React on a nice project, an employee vacation management tool. The software was developed for Kawa Studio, Milan.

Sebastiano Edoardo Casella